Payment Methods & Deposits

My preferred method of payment is Paypal. Users can make payments with Paypal even without a Paypal account. If you want to pay via Paypal, please let me know and I will provide the account. I also will accept cash or check. 

In order to start your order, I ask for a 25% of the mininum estimate as a good-faith deposit. The remainder will be due upon delivery. 

Additional Services

Citation Checker (+$10/hr) -- For an additional fee, I will check your document for the proper use of your chosen documentation system. Citation styles include MLA, APA, Chicago, and more. Inquire with me directly about specifics.

Services and Fees

Proofreading -- $25/hour

I will check your entire document for any and all issues with individual words and how they interact. This type of edit looks at grammar, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, and any other areas you identify. I will note issues and offer suggestions for correcting them. My goal is to ensure that the writing itself is error-free. A citation check (for documents using a particular system, such as MLA or APA) is an additional fee. 

Global Edit -- $75/hour

A global edit combines the first two levels and then adds an examination of content and organization. I will read your entire document and offer suggestions on its content, giving you feedback on the information you convey in addition to the language you use to convey it. This type of edit will take the longest, but it is well-suited to the writer who is mostly finished with the initial draft and wants feedback on both local and global issues. My feedback will be extensive, but it will remain up to you to integrate any suggested changes into your document. Checking your citation style is included with this level of edit. 

Local Edit -- $50/hour

A local edit will focus on sentence-level issues. You will receive the same services as a proofreading edit plus suggestions for changes to style of the document, limited to examining individual sentences for their clarity and fit within your context. This level of edit is recommended if you are concerned about tone or clarity in your document. I will suggest potential changes, but any and all changes to the organization or content of your document remain your domain. Checking for proper use of your selected citation style is an additional service.